Monday, 17 December 2012


I have come to the end of my Poetics of Surveillance module, and I have come away with a whole view of the poetics of surveillance, which is not as fragmented as before taking the module. During the module I felt paranoid and very much aware that I was being watched, by a higher being, the government, CCTV cameras and by others. I was aware of my changing perception of myself, as I knew I was being watched, which thus made me internalise my conscience.  Obviously I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but the idea that I was being watched, and didn’t know when or where made me nervous. I now have an understanding of the use of surveillance in society, and personally do not feel that the government is being oppressive in its use of surveillance. I believe it is very much needed in society. My time at court for jury service has also proved this, as in my cases the criminals knew where the CCTV cameras where, and still they were not deterred. This goes to show how in society, the need for surveillance and a government who watches you is necessary.  I do not understand why people feel that the government is spying on them, as a negative thing, as it can only be negative if you are actually doing something wrong, and thus feel guilty for it. I have come away from this module of the poetics of surveillance, with the idea that in society, we all have a sense of self-scrutiny, and surveillance.

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